Global challenges cannot be solved within disciplinary or territory silos. BSAS has a rich history of multi-disciplinary collaboration across the broad spectrum of animal science and our valued membership crosses international boundaries. BSAS Global supports the continued development of animal science around the world with territory leads, from within our membership, representing every corner of the globe. The territory leads of BSAS Global are reaching out to form strong active collaborative links with like-minded societies to further the collective societies aims


BSAS Global aims to advance responsible, safe, high-welfare, environmentally sustainable animal production globally.

Comprising of science and industry experts from around the world, we aim to establish formal animal science networks globally, developing links with likeminded international societies to:

  • Strengthen animal science and dissemination
  • Facilitate international collaboration
  • Recruit BSAS members overseas
  • Host regional conferences and workshops
  • Exchange speakers, students and scientists
  • Accreditation and CPD

Key Aims & Outcomes

  • Establish formal animal science networks globally and develop current links with likeminded international and international societies
  • Create a global network of relevant organisations to share/improve benefits including partner events and resource sharing
  • Develop BSAS Global by identifying areas of research needs and working with partners to create funding and support opportunities, particularly in developing countries
  • Distribute information, scientific papers, opinion pieces and news to a global audience

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An Interview with Professor Michael R F Lee