BSAS Accreditation, run in conjunction with the Royal Society of Biology, provides a mark of assurance of your work and achievements when dealing with clients, colleagues, employers, collaborators, funders, government and other societies. For organisations, BSAS Accreditation demonstrates a culture of high-quality staff training and skills development.

Joining the Register

Membership of the Accreditation Register is open to all those working in food-production, animal welfare, equine, companion animals and zoo animals, in the topics of animal science, animal technology or animal care in the academic, industry or government policy sector. The Register, which is open to public view is a mark of assurance.

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A Registered Animal Scientist or Animal Technologist benefits (amongst other things) from:

  • Public recognition of competencies, knowledge and professional status at home and internationally, as is desired by government, society, research funders, clients, colleagues and collaborators and employers.
  • Evidence supporting career development opportunities and the fostering within employer organisations of a culture of staff training and development.
  • Verification of responsible and reputable conduct and practice.
  • Greater opportunity to share knowledge and be seen by potential employers.


You can apply to be registered as one of the following:

Seeker of knowledge – 'conducting' animal science.

  • Animal Scientist (Associate) – Early Career
  • Animal Scientist (Certified) – Professional level

User of knowledge – 'applying' animal science.

  • Animal Technologist (Associate) – Early Career
  • Animal Technologist (Certified) – Professional Level

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Applicants must demonstrate that their skills, expertise, and competencies deserve professional recognition within their field.

When you apply to become accredited you will be asked about your expertise. Applicants can choose from a number of proficiencies that they feel are appropriate to them, including written publications in the public domain, teaching, management and knowledge seeking research and development. 

Applications are assessed on individual merit by two assessors. You may be asked to provide further information.



Members will select their own CPD programmes as appropriate to their own particular designation (Scientist or Technologist), Level (Associate or Certified), Descriptor (Principal professional activity), and named Specialisms, all as already identified on the Accreditation Register. These programmes may be provided by any appropriate organisations, in-house or extra-mural. CPD programmes are also provided by BSAS through its extensive range of annual and occasional meetings and engaging training workshops. Members can also choose to accrue points through other societies and organisations as appropriate to their Competencies and Specialisms.


Early Careers

The BSAS Accreditation Register is not just for those who are established in their careers, with its ‘Associate’ levels specifically designed to recognise the knowledge and expertise of those early on in their career. The register is applicable to a vast range of disciplines relating to early career animal science and technology. From those studying in higher education in animal science or veterinary related courses, to those starting out in relevant industry or policy careers.  Applying and maintaining registration improves key professional skills and exposes those in the early stages of their career to processes which they may not otherwise have been introduced.

Undergraduate Accreditation

Get a head start with BSAS Undergraduate Accreditation

As passionate supporters of the future generation of animal scientists and technologists, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new Undergraduate Accreditation Register. In the competitive world of animal science and technology, Undergraduate Accreditation can help you stand out from your peers and secure the fledgling career you want. BSAS Undergraduate Accreditation is open to those whose studies are in the area of animal science, animal technology or animal care - whether you’re looking forward to a career in academia or industry.

The BSAS Accredited Undergraduate CPD format is flexible and uses a variety of different relevant mediums. You will need a minimum of 25 points to maintain your place on the register. You can gain CPD points by attending or participating in additional learning activities, which includes workshops and seminars, work experience placements and additional curriculum activities such as the BSAS mentor scheme.


Registration is currently free for members of BSAS. There is a cost of £90 to those that are not members of BSAS.


If you have any questions, wish to discuss which level is most appropriate for you or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated accreditation team on: