Our journal, 'animal', is important to BSAS, valued by members and stakeholders, the BSAS publications group’s aims include its development and the potential of developing further animal science publications


  • To collect and publish information about animal science and its application
  • To ensure, with our journal partners that 'animal' continues to be a respected and valued animal science publication
  • To consider the appropriateness of developing other animal science publications


  • To develop and increase the impact factor for 'animal', supporting the joint BSAS-EAAP-INRA initiative, maintaining a high quality, relevant journal
  • Cultivate the journal's potential as a range of specialist animal science publications, including Advances in Animal Biosciences
  • To create and implement an engagement strategy that promotes the journal to authors, BSAS members and generally those involved and or interested in animal science
  • Publish, via BSAS website, monthly 'Animal Bytes' as a simplified and summarised version of key 'animal' articles
  • To publish, monthly, a variety of blogs and articles that are pertinent, informative and interesting