Through a proactive approach, the British Society of Animal Science aims to raise awareness and understanding of animal science and its value throughout the chain to the end user and provide support to those involved in animal science and its application. 

The British Society of Animal Science is a charity that works to improve the understanding of all aspects of animal science and to ensure research and knowledge transfer has a practical and beneficial application.

We work with science and industry specialists to provide improvements in:

  • the welfare and productivity of farmed animals to help produce quality, safe and environmentally sustainable food;
  • animal health and welfare; and the care of equine, companion, and zoo animals.

Founded in 1944 as the British Society of Animal Production (BSAP), the Society came into fruition at a time when the country was on the cusp of the post-war hunger years and the beginnings of the second agricultural revolution, when the field of animal science was ripe for research and development. Throughout the Society’s almost 100-year history the Universities and Research Institutes have been persistent in their support, as have the Knowledge and Information Transfer Services, and most importantly, the allied Trades and Industries, that ensure the effective working practices of the agricultural industry.

As we enter the next chapter in the Society’s history and move forward in the delivery of our strategic plan, we do so in the knowledge that we are operating in challenging times, which means there is a need to remain flexible - regularly reviewing and measuring what we have set out to do, while also maintaining an interdisciplinary, international approach in addressing complex global challenges.

We move forward with a reinvigorated sense of purpose and look towards developing our offering to deliver a prosperous and sustainable future.