WALTHAM Foundation Research Funding - A Better World For Pets


Closes in 8 days (01 May)

We’re excited to announce the WALTHAM™ Foundation has just opened for funding applications of research projects. The scope of the call this year is as broad as it can be – we’re looking for project proposals where the outcome/s will help contribute to our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

We need your help!

This year, the breadth of projects that could be funded through the Foundation is much larger than before. There will be many scientists and research groups who previously may not have been aware of this funding nor been eligible, but who are now.  There are so many scientific disciplines that we believe can help contribute to our purpose, which is why we need your help to share this announcement. We want to everybody that has a great research idea or question to address, but may not have the funding to realise it, to be aware of this news.

We are asking you to help us share this news through your network and connections.  Please share – there are posts on Waltham social media channels now that you can share, and also a draft email that you can tailor and personalise from you attached.

Key Information

What is the WALTHAM™ Foundation?

The WALTHAM™ Foundation is a non-charitable funding mechanism through which Mars Petcare offers grants to advance the understanding in the nutrition, health, behaviour and welfare of companion animals globally.

What is the scope of the funding call?

We know that many different scientific disciplines and areas of expertise can contribute to our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. For the 2021 funding call, we are inviting applications for projects whose outcomes will contribute to this, rather than constraining the scope by scientific area.

How much funding is available?

Awards are available up to £25,000

What is the closing date for applications?

The deadline is 1 May 2021.

Where can I find more information?

The details of the call and the application are available to download from our website at https://www.waltham.com/grants-awards

If you (as Mars Associates/contractors) have any questions about the WALTHAM™ Foundation, or scope of the call, please contact to Sue (Skelton).

If your external contacts, partners or collaborators have any questions, please direct them to https://www.waltham.com/grants-awards or email contactwaltham@effem.com

Sharing on social media

Please feel free to share this announcement on social media- you can create your own post (and link to this page https://www.waltham.com/grants-awards, which contains all the information for applicants). Or, you can share a post from one of the Waltham channels (like this one on LinkedIn). Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags for your network, for example #researchfunding #microbiome #datascience #humananimalbond