BSAS Stakeholder Events

The BSAS Stakeholder forum are launching a communication platform that will cover a range of novel, timely and topical issues in animal science. Open to those whose profession is related to animal science or has an interest in the latest animal science news and innovations, these will include webinars which provide a perfect platform for communicating innovative science and widening participation to include professionals from different disciplines. BSAS Stakeholder Committee members will be taking leading roles in organising and delivering these events, by creating pathways of communication via their organisations. This includes making accessible to BSAS members, a selection of internal seminars that take place on an annual basis, and also those held with external partners, via the BSAS Stakeholders extensive animal science network. 

If you have a webinar related to animal science and are interested in providing public access via the BSAS Stakeholder Webinar initiative, please email: Through the BSAS communication channels, we can help you increase the reach and impact of your event and bring you closer to your target audience.

Stakeholder Events