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Genus is a world-leading animal genetics company. Originally founded in 1933 as part of the former Breeding & Production Division of the Milk and Marketing Board in the United Kingdom, Genus employs more than 3,100 people worldwide.

Genus breeds pigs and cattle with desirable genetic traits that help farmers of all sizes produce meat and milk more efficiently and sustainability to help feed the growing global demand for animal protein.

As a leader in applying new ideas in the animal agriculture industry, Genus is at the forefront of utilizing technologies, data and knowledge to responsibly develop innovative products to ensure a healthy and sustainable global food system. 

Our passion and focus for healthier animals, the sustainability of our planet and health for people includes maintaining relationships with leading research institutions around the world to harness new ideas in the animal agriculture industry.

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Genetics & Genomics

Semen Sexing Technology

Areas of Interest

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  • We are interested in seeking placement and/or internship opportunities
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