Speaker Highlights:  Prof Jud Heinrichs (Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences)

01 Apr 2021

The virtual nature of the BSAS annual conference, has enabled the Society to reach further than ever before, to engage and secure the presence of animal science experts from all four corners of the globe.

Jud Heinrichs, a native of Sullivan County New York, is Professor of Dairy Science at Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. Jus has been with Penn State since 1982 working in the areas of dairy nutrition and management with an emphasis in replacements; as well as dairy forages with an emphasis on diet particle size and physically effective fibre.  Jud’s interest in the growth and management of dairy heifers has allowed him to work on several population studies of growth rates of dairy heifers as well as revise the Holstein weight tapes currently used worldwide.  He is also a co-inventor of the Penn State Forage and TMR Particle Size Separator.

Jud spent a sabbatical from 2008 to 2009 at the University of Bologna in Italy studying physically effective fibre needs of lactating cows.  During a previous sabbatical from 1991 to 1992 with the USDA, he was in charge of the National Dairy Evaluation Project.  He has authored over 135 journal articles and book chapters as well as many extension publications, primarily in the area of dairy replacements and forages.

Prof Heinrichs will be leading the ‘Young Stock’ conference session on the 14th April, which will be chaired by Dr Steven Morrison.

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