Speaker Highlights: Prof. Eric Morgan (Queen’s University Belfast)

01 Apr 2021

The virtual nature of the BSAS annual conference, has enabled the Society to reach further than ever before, to engage and secure the presence of animal science experts from all four corners of the globe.

Professor Morgan’s interests lie in how climate influences the epidemiology of parasitic infections in animals. Internal parasites, especially helminths (worms), strongly affect the health and fitness of domestic and wild animals, and often have life stages that live away from the main host and are exposed to external environmental conditions. Climate – and climate change – is therefore a key driver of infection patterns.  Management of parasites is further challenged by drug resistance, which undermines farming systems that rely on chemical use. Within his group and with his fellow collaborators, Eric tries to advance and apply knowledge of the ecology of parasite populations to meet these challenges with better adapted management strategies, through a combination of experiments on parasite biology, predictive computer modelling, and observations of field epidemiology. 

The work is global across farmed, companion and wild animal systems, including the troublesome issue of parasite and disease transmission across the wild-domestic interface.  The outcomes he seeks are more efficient and sustainable ways of managing parasite challenges to animal health, to support livelihoods, animal welfare and conservation in a rapidly changing world.

Prof Morgan will be presenting during the ‘Small Ruminant Health and Welfare’ session on the 14th April.

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