PhD studentships on the AgriFood system from pre-farm to post-fork – The FoodBioSystems DTP

08 Sep 2020

In 2021, the Food BioSystems Doctoral Training Partnership will be funding 25 or more PhD studentships on topics across the whole food system, and have recently announced pre-call information, so that academic partners, agri-food industry colleagues and other interested parties can start putting together PhD project ideas in readiness for next year’s call.

Scope of Call

The Partnership’s scope spans the agri-food system from pre-farm to post fork, within BBSRC remit, and this year they have an open call where proposals can be submitted across the whole food system. Proposals in the following priority areas are particularly welcomed.

  • Addressing consequences of Covid19 to the UK food system: How can we address food security and food poverty within a sustainable and resilient food system that provides equality in healthy diets.
  • Animal health and livestock agricultural systems: Improving resilience and sustainability, reducing losses, impacting human nutrition.
  • Consumer: Understanding consumer values for sustainable and nutritionally beneficial food systems.
  • Decarbonising food systems whilst maintain quality
  • Food Safety: Research in microbiology and or sensors within food production and processing to improve safety, extend shelf life and reduce waste.
  • Nutrition: Defining and designing sustainable nutrient intake for optimal health; meeting nutritional needs within specific population groups.

Call Closes: 2nd November 2020.


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