New Chair of the BSAS Stakeholder Committee - Sokratis Stergiadis

16 Jul 2021

Congratulations to BSAS Trustee Sokratis Stergiadis on his appointment as the new Chair of the BSAS Stakeholder Committee.

‘I am delighted, and I’m honoured that the Trustees have selected me for this role. I look forward to working with everyone in the Stakeholder Committee to achieve our short- and long- term goals.’

Formed from the Academia and Industry Associations, the Stakeholders Committee is a multi-faceted body, that through working independently and in close collaboration with other BSAS committees, works to fulfil the Society’s objective to increase animal science collaboration within, and between, academic and industry organisations.  This includes running activities for the targeted development of professional skills of BSAS members across all levels to facilitate continuous professional development; create opportunities for industry-led events within scientific conferences, including presentations, awards, and prizes; act as a facilitator of professional accreditation; and provide a range of technical resources to animal scientists via several pathways, publications, and communication material.

Sokratis professional expertise covers a range of teaching and research roles within the field of animal science. He has previously held roles at the Biosciences Institute and Newcastle University and is the current Associate Professor in Animal Science at the University of Reading. Since becoming a BSAS member in 2007, Sokratis has taken on several key roles withing the Society, including member of the Dissertation Awards Committee, Membership Application Assessor, member of the BSAS Accreditation panel, and mentor for the Early Career Researchers and Students. 

In his new role as Chair of the Stakeholder Committee, Sokratis is looking forward to working with his fellow committee members, the other BSAS committees and BSAS members, to achieve the Society’s targets around innovative academic and industry collaboration, to include the transfer and incorporation of advances from research into practice, run events and dissemination and communication activities to promote knowledge flow and exchange, and create a proactive community and network that benefits both academia and industry members throughout their careers.