New Chair of the BSAS Awards Committee - David Wilde

16 Jul 2021

Congratulations to BSAS Trustee David Wilde, who has been selected to the role of Chair of the BSAS Awards Committee.

The Awards committee ensures the delivery of the various prizes that are awarded throughout the year. These range from externally sponsored, specific grants for travel bursaries or attendance and presentations at conferences, to some that are part of the Societies charitable giving, and others that are awarded at the Annual conferences. Certain awards are specifically targeted to early careers members, while others are open to all members.  As Chair, David hopes over the next two years to lead the Awards committee in such a way as to leave both the committee and the awards themselves in a strong and sustainable position for the future.

An honorary Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham and the Global Innovation Manager and Ruminant Lead for Anpario plc, David has over 30 years’ experience in the animal feed industry as a ruminant nutritionist, working for companies involved in feed additives, premixing and compound feed milling. A central theme to David’s work and focus, is ensuring that research is conducted with correct scientific principles, along with a mind for practical, commercial application.

David has a long, esteemed history with the Society, having joined in 1996 and fondly remembers his first Annual Meeting, which took place that year in Scarborough. Since then, he has attended most of the BSAS annual conferences, authored many well-received abstracts and been heavily involved in the Societies Industry Association and Stakeholders Group.

On his appointment to the role of Awards Chair, David commented: ‘As with anything it is always an honour for one’s peers to think I am capable of delivering results in this role. The Awards has gone from strength to strength, and I hope that I can be an equally good custodian of this committee as my predecessors.’