Introducing the newest BSAS Trustee - Dr Paul Smith

05 May 2022

The Society is excited to introduce Dr Paul Smith who was recently appointed to the role of BSAS Trustee at this year’s annual conference. Paul is a Postdoctoral Research Scientist, based in Teagasc Grange in Ireland and is currently working on the EU funded HoloRuminant project, which aims to investigate the relationship between the composition and functionality of ruminant microbiomes with animal health and productivity.

As well as an already distinguished career at the age of just 28, Paul has also played an integral role in supporting and nurturing the early careers talent of the future, since joining BSAS as a member in 2017. Shortly after joining he took over as the early careers representative for Teagasc, and was involved in organising the student sessions, and social events, at BSAS 2018 in Croke Park, Dublin.

After the conference, Paul remained a member of the Early careers Council (ECC) and was heavily involved in chairing and organising the student sessions at BSAS 2019 and BSAS 2021. Of recent, he has played an integral role in establishing the recently launched ECC Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), which aims to establish a collaboration with young farmer organisations, with the intention of providing young farmers with the most up-to-date scientific data across multiple aspects of animal science, while providing BSAS members with an opportunity to gain industry relevant experience.

‘I was absolutely delighted to be appointed as a Trustee of the Society at this year’s annual conference. I am really looking forward to having an active role in meeting the needs of the Society and its members and also having the opportunity to work alongside, and learn from, the other BSAS Trustees, the Presidential team and our CEO Maggie.  BSAS is a fantastic organisation and has previously provided numerous generations of early career researchers with opportunities to engage with established fellow animal scientists, as well as access to extremely useful training courses and workshops. I hope to ensure future early career animal scientists have continued access to all the society has to offer them.’ Dr Paul Smith  

From a young age, Paul has always had a great interest in animals which later inspired him to study Animal Science at the University College Dublin (UCD). After completing his undergraduate degree in 2016, Paul worked as an Agricultural Policy Officer for the Irish young farmer organisation, Macra na Feirme. During his time at Macra na Feirme, Paul was at the forefront in the development of numerous policy papers for the organisation, including papers focused on the development of the next round of the Common Agricultural Policy and represented the views of Irish young farmers at both national and European level.  From 2017 to 2021, Paul completed a Walsh Scholar PhD with Teagasc and the University College Dublin (UCD), titled “Understanding the interactive role of the rumen microbiome with diet and enteric emissions in cattle”.

Looking ahead to the future and with such an immense array of both experienced and talented upcoming animal scientists amongst the BSAS membership, Paul believes that the Society is excellently placed to continue to provide solutions to achieving a sustainable future for the global livestock sector. Furthermore, through the animal Journal and other publications produced by BSAS, the Society has the opportunity to continue to provide real leadership within the global animal science community and act as a trusted source of information for scientists, policy makes and the general public. Finally, and most importantly Paul also feels ensuring that BSAS continues to meet the needs of the early career membership, while attracting future generations of talented animal scientists, will be key to the future sustainability of BSAS.