‘Get to Know’ Undergraduate Thesis of the Year Annie Metcalf

05 Jan 2021

While completing her Undergraduate Degree in Agriculture BSc, Annie Metcalfe was one of eleven people awarded the honour of highly-commended, for the Society’s first ever Undergraduate Thesis of the Year Award.

‘It has been great to have been nominated and receive highly commended for my thesis, and I look forward to seeing the other entries in the fledgling byte series.’

Titled: ‘Effect of the removal of pharmacological doses of zinc oxide from the post-weaning diets’ her thesis, focused on how a higher fibre, lower protein diet was unable to offset performance loss seen through the removal of ZnO. Therefore, the contribution of this dietary change in replacing ZnO in light of the impending ban on the use of pharmacological doses of zinx oxide in piglet diets, may be limited.

Having successfully completed her Undergraduate Degree at Harper Adams, Annie has recently started working with Primary Diets as a Piglet Nutritionist.  In terms of the future, she hopes to continue to work within research and development for monogastric nutrition, and possibly study for a masters and her PhD, so that she can continue to contribute to the continuous progress of this exciting industry.’

Keep an eye the BSAS website and social media channels, as we will soon be announcing the details of the 2021 Undergraduate Thesis of The Year Award.

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