BSAS welcomes the Australian Association of Animal Sciences as its first Partner Society Member

13 Aug 2021

BSAS is delighted to welcome the Australian Association of Animal Sciences (AAAS) as our first Partner Society Member.

Over the coming months, BSAS and the AAAS will work closely together to share knowledge, experience, and best practise for the enhancement and mutual benefit of their members, and the global animal science community, which will see them collaborate on the global sessions at the BSAS 2022 conference in Nottingham. The global sessions highlight and explore the ongoing need to continue to develop partnerships and alliances that transcend national and continental barriers for the progress of the sector and the planet.

‘We are extremely pleased to be working with the Australian Association of Animal Sciences. This partnership will allow us to not only enhance the experience and support of our own members, but to also ensure that the activities of both associations continue to meet the needs of the human and animal population, to ensure global sustainability that supports future generations. BSAS is always keen to work with like-minded associations to mutual benefit, sharing knowledge, experience, and best practice, as we believe there is value in partnership and affiliation between organisations’ Maggie Mitchell, Chief Executive (British Society of Animal Science)

AAAS’s unique, inclusive approach, allows everyone involved in animal science – from students, to industry professionals and researchers – to meet and learn from each other. On a national level, the AAAS Biennial Conference provides an excellent opportunity for members to meet, exchange information and ideas, and discuss the very latest advances from the world of animal science and production, while at branch level, meetings are convened to discuss topics of local or national interest.

Dr Sue Hatcher, AAAS Executive Officer noted that ‘This partnership with the British Society of Animal Science will provide a wide range of opportunities for AAAS members to develop international linkages with like-minded animal scientists. This will provide a conduit to both extend the outcomes of Australian animal science to the global community as well as identify international research that will add value to animal production systems in Australia’.

As champions of early careers talent, this partnership will allow BSAS and the AAAS to offer our future animal scientists and technicians, a valuable steppingstone onto a global platform, by providing them with the scope to undertake joint initiatives and participate in our hugely popular buddy-up and mentor schemes.

‘The Early Career Council is very excited to partner with the AAAS and to expand our early-career community. This is a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas, and to provide a supportive network for young animal scientists worldwide.  We are very much looking forward to working with the AAAS and would like to encourage all early-career scientists in this partnership to get involved.’ Lucy Ross, BSAS Early Career Council President.