BSAS Recognition Award Winner – Professor Nigel Scollan

26 May 2021

At the BSAS 2021 conference, Nigel Scollan was awarded the ‘BSAS Recognition Award’ in celebration of his outstanding contribution to BSAS and animal science through his commitment to the Society and the animal Journal.

‘It is very humbling, and I am honoured to be recognised by the Society and my colleagues.  BSAS has opened up many opportunities and networks for me and it has been my pleasure to help our Society over a sustained period.

I really enjoyed the conference and marvel at how successful it was through digital means. The conference is an essential vehicle for communicating and discussing major issues in animal science and vital to supporting and developing our early career researchers, as well as our more mature delegates.’ Nigel Scollan

Nigel has a long and rich history with the Society, which started over 25 years ago, when he was studying animal science at Edinburgh University (1984 – 1987) and had the opportunity to attend his first ever BSAS (actuals BSAP) conference in Spring 1987. He found the conference, where he was acting as an assistant, to be an inspiring introduction to conferencing and to BSAS, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing from and speaking to, key figures in the animal science sector from across the UK and further afield. He was elected to the BSAS Council in 1999 and was initially a member of the “Programme Committee” before moving on to the “Publications Committee” in 2003/4 and then taking over as Chair of Publications in 2005.  During his time as Chair, Nigel initiated a crucial review of publishing within the Society and engaged in key discussions with EAAP and INRA, which resulted in the move to the creation of animal which launched in January 2007. Nigel also represented BSAS on the animal Management Board until 2014, before taking over as independent Chair of the Management Board from 2014 – 2020. Nigel continues to show his support and promote BSAS as an important vehicle for advancing animal science globally and animal as one of the leading journals in animal science publishing.

‘Prof Nigel Scollan has been at the forefront of animal science for over 30 years, leading research groups and centres in Wales and Northern Ireland. During this time, he has served the Society greatly through membership of council, as President and in leading the societies publication group at the time of the creation of our professional Journal Animal. The society and indeed Animal Science owes Nigel a great deal and he is certainly worthy of this recognition of thanks by the society for his great years of service’ Professor Michael Lee, BSAS President

As well as his contributions to BSAS, Nigel is also a world-leading expert in animal agriculture and associated supply chains and is the current Director of the Institute for Global Food Security and Professor of Animal Science at Queens University Belfast. His research is primarily related to designing improved systems for ruminant livestock, through the use of improved nutrition and genetics to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of the production systems. Improving nutritional quality is also an important aspect of his research. He hopes now and in the future to “make a difference” through research and innovation, education and knowledge exchange to help address some of the major challenges in our society – issues such as climate change and environment and health and well-being of people.  He conducted his PhD at The University of Edinburgh, followed by a postdoctoral appointment at the University of Guelph, Ontario Canada, before joining the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research Aberystwyth, in 1993 and subsequently the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) Aberystwyth University in 2008, where he held a number of posts including Waitrose Professor of Sustainable Agriculture and Professor of Public Engagement, group leader Animal Systems and Director of Enterprise.

A previous Sir John Hammond award winner, Nigel has authored or co-authored more than 100 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals and is a fellow of the Royal Agricultural Society and was a Director of the Oxford Farming Conference 2017-2020.