BSAS Net Zero Carbon UK Livestock: Meeting the Targets – Professor Tom Misselbrook

23 Nov 2021

On Friday 3rd December, Principal Research Scientist Prof Tom Misselbrook, will join the panel at the Net Zero Carbon UK Livestock: Meeting UK Livestock Targets’ event, with his presentation titled – ‘Predict, measure and report greenhouse gas emissions from livestock’.

The ability to accurately estimate emissions from livestock production and to monitor changes in emission to due to changes in management practices and the implementation of mitigation measures is critical for our international reporting obligations, for tracking progress against policy objectives and for communication of impact to the wider public. This presentation will describe the current national emission inventory accounting system, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and the potential for improvement.

Tom’s research over the past 30 years has aimed at quantifying ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural sources, with a specific emphasis on livestock production and manure management, understanding the driving factors for emissions and developing and assessing effective reduction measures. This has included close engagement with industry and policy stakeholders in the development of potential solutions and progress towards sustainable production systems. During his extensive career, Tom has also been an active participant in the UNECE Task Force for Reactive Nitrogen, including the Expert Panel on Mitigating Agricultural Nitrogen, and have collaborated exclusively with leading research groups around the world.

The Net Zero Carbon: Meeting UK Livestock Targets event takes place on the 3rd of December. To book your place, click here.