BSAS Net Zero Carbon UK Livestock: Meeting the Targets - Professor Bob Rees

24 Nov 2021

Professor Bob Rees, a Professor of Agriculture and Climate Change at Scotland’s Rural College, will discuss ‘The importance of carbon sequestration to the UK’s net zero target’ at this ‘Friday’s –‘ Net Zero Carbon UK Livestock: Meeting UK Livestock Targets’ webinar event.  During his presentation the current status of carbon in UK soils will be described and the importance of carbon sequestration for meeting the UK’s policy of net zero emissions will be outline. Opportunities for management interventions that increase soil carbon will be presented and their impact on net greenhouse gas emissions discussed.

A Professor in Agriculture Climate Change, Bob’s interests lie in carbon sequestration, agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation and sustainable intensification in agriculture. A soil and environmental scientist, he has a long-established history of research in nitrogen and carbon cycling and soil management in a range of crop and soil systems.

The Net Zero Carbon: Meeting UK Livestock Targets event takes place on the 3rd of December. To book your place, click here.