BSAS Accreditation Register Deadline - 1st of January

10 Dec 2019

As we prepare to say a fond farewell to 2019, the 1st January deadline is now looming for those members of the BSAS Accreditation register to ensure that they have the minimum of 50 credits required to maintain their place.


These credits will have been acquired throughout the year whilst carrying out a compulsory programme of continued professional development (CPD) which must relate to learning and development.


To chart your progress, you will need to use the BSAS/RSB on-line system, which you will have been given access to when you were entered onto the register for the first time. The CPD suite of files is accessed through members' 'My account' page on the page on the BSAS website and this would have been set up at the point of application.


If you don't maintain your CPD and achieve the 50 credit minimum, you can lose your accreditation and the host of benefits associated with being on the register including: global public recognition of competencies, evidence to support career development opportunities and verification of responsible and reputable conduct and practise.

If you have any questiond or need any further information, please email: