BSAS 2022 Tech Assistant Spotlight – Oliver Ashton

05 May 2022

"I became a Technical Helper at the BSAS 2022 conference to gain an understanding of how conferences are run, as this was my first experience of attending a conference that took place across multiple rooms both online and in person. It was great to be able to meet up with some of the BSAS Early Careers Council and I also really enjoyed getting to interact with the delegates. Speakers and Chairs. As well as taking on the role of Technical Assistant I also took up the opportunity to deputy chair two pig sessions with Dr Elizabeth Magowan. The experience has greatly benefited me by allowing me to interact and connect with more people than I would have done just as a delegate, while acting as Deputy Chair gave me an enhanced understanding of how sessions are run, especially balancing the online and in person interactions, although I would probably try not to drop the microphone on anyone in future! Overall BSAS 2022 was a brilliant experience, as I spoke to more people in three days than I have in the past two years! The sessions I attended had interesting and up to date topics and there was a large representation of early career researchers. The quiz buffet on the Tuesday and the conference dinner on the Wednesday were also well worth the visit as it allowed me to speak to more people in a more relaxed setting."  

Oliver Ashton is a PhD Student at Queen’s University Belfast investigating the interaction between dietary polysaccharides, the intestinal microbiome, and the immune system in piglets. The research is in collaboration with Devenish Nutrition, with whom Oliver also works part-time. Oliver is currently a member of the BSAS Early Career Council.