BSAS 2021 Submitters case study: Lucy Ross

22 Oct 2021

Lucy Ross is a final year PhD student at the University of Nottingham, researching heifer rearing and whole-farm feed efficiency in UK dairy systems. Her research involves assessing the effect of factors in the rearing period of a dairy heifer on her productivity and longevity in the milking herd, and to improve the efficiency and profitability of the whole farm.  Lucy submitted an abstract to the BSAS 2021 conference, having previously submitted to BSAS 2020, which was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID. She decided to submit for a number of reasons, firstly, because the conference was in collaboration with AHDB, who is her PhD sponsor. Secondly, due to the pandemic, most, if not all conferences in 2020 were cancelled, so BSAS 2021 provided a great opportunity for Lucy to get back into the practice of presenting her research.

Finally, from previous experience of attending the BSAS conferences (Lucy was a technical helper at BSAS 2019), she knew the developing talent sessions were incredibly early-career friendly and are a great way to build confidence in presenting as an early-career. Lucy thoroughly enjoyed presenting her research at the conference, and especially enjoyed the live Q&A session at the end, where she got to interact with her fellow delegates. For Lucy, submitting her abstract has proved to be an incredibly positive experience, both professionally and personally.

‘The conference offers several awards to apply to and I was delighted to find out I had won a developing talent award for my presentation. This was a big confidence boost for me at this stage in my PhD and career, and something I can add to my CV to attract the attention of future employers. To anyone considering entering a submission for the BSAS 2022 conference, go for it! It’s a fantastic opportunity to improve your skills in communication and presenting research, especially as an early career. Many students are in the same position, so it’s a very friendly and positive event to be part of.’