BSAS 2021 Conference Sponsor Focus: Equilume

01 Apr 2021

We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors for their contribution towards helping BSAS make Society history, with the launch of its first ever virtual conference.

Sponsor of the Society’s first ever standalone BSAS Equine Symposium, Equilume is the world leader in the research and development of light therapy solutions that assist the global equine industry in maximising reproductive efficiency and performance. 

The company was established as a result of pioneering research at UCD by Dr Barbara Anne Murphy, in collaboration with Professor John Sheridan, which identified that low intensity blue light could effectively advance the breeding season in horses, giving rise to the successful launch of the innovative Equilume Light Mask.

Equilume’s science-based lighting solutions comprise award-winning Light Masks and a smart Stable Light System. By strengthening the horse’s own circadian rhythms, Equilume performance lighting optimises equine health, well-being, and reproductive efficiency in a manner that nurtures natural behaviour and minimises management costs.

During the symposium there will be a strong focus on the pregnant mare.  Breeders, veterinarians, and researchers involved with equine reproduction should find the topics presented both interesting and relevant to breeding practice.

Equilume are proud to be part of this year’s inaugural Equine Symposium and the session covering Equine Reproduction and Breeding management. The topics for oral presentation include:

  • Temporal trends in stallion semen quality: The development of the horse as a bio-monitor species - Imogen Harris
  • Ovarian activity and secretion of somatotrophic hormones in periparturient horses - Maria Melchert
  • Effects of blue LED light directed at one eye on equine pregnancy, foal health and post-partum fertility- Dr.Christina Nagel
  • "The relation between early luteal function and conceptus development in the pregnant mare" - Prof Christine Aurich

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