BSAS 2020 Invited Speaker Q&A: Dr. Christine Aurich

12 Feb 2020

Presentation title: Influence of postovulatory luteal function on early pregnancy in the horse

Area of specialism: Equine Reproduction


What will your session focus on and what does it address?

The session will focus on the establishment of pregnancy in the horse. There will be a specific focus on the association between early postovulatory progesterone concentration, endometrial function and conceptus development until the beginning of placentation in this species. The aim is to understand mechanisms that may be involved in the pathogenesis of early pregnancy loss in horses.


What will audiences learn from attending this session?

The importance of undisturbed luteal function in the early postovulatory phase for physiologic development of the conceptus. I will also suggest possibilities to improve conceptus development during this stage of pregnancy.


Who will benefit from attending this session?

Horse breeders, animal scientists and veterinarians


How can ideas talked about in the session be utilised in the agriculture and animal science sectors?

The results of this research will help to improve the management of broodmares during early pregnancy and thus reduce pregnancy loss.


Besides presenting, what are you most looking forward to at this year’s Conference?

Meeting other scientists that are working in reproduction, animal production and welfare and having the opportunity to talk to them.


In what ways do you see the Animal Science sector addressing the Challenge of Change?

There is a urgent need to address the challenges associated with climate change and how to improve sustainability in animal production.