Amended and adopted at the Annual General Meeting of the Society on 10 April 2018 at Croke Park Stadium, Dublin.

  1. The name of the Society is the BRITISH SOCIETY OF ANIMAL SCIENCE.
  2. The objects of the Society are:-
    1. To provide opportunities for those interested in and concerned with the science relating to animals and its application to meet and exchange information, ideas and experiences.
    2. To encourage the investigation of problems and matters pertaining to the science related to animals and its application.
    3. To collect and publish information about the science relating to animals and its application; to print and publish any periodicals, books and leaflets which the Society may think desirable.
    4. To stimulate the incorporation into practice of advances resulting from research, experimental work and practical experience.
    5. To cooperate with any other organisations in furthering any of the objects of the Society.
    6. To do all such things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
  3. All persons who are or have been engaged or interested in research, education or advisory activities in relation to the science related to animals and its application, or associated with the practical livestock keeping shall be eligible for election to membership of the Society.
  4. Application for membership shall be approved by a member of the Society, and election to membership shall be made by the Council of the Society.
  5. The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting and such other General Meetings as may be required in order to conduct the business of the Society in accordance with the Constitution. 
    1. Each member shall pay on entrance and thereafter annually a subscription, the amount of which shall be proposed by the Council and authorised by a General Meeting.
    2. The subscription shall be payable in advance on the first day of January each year or as agreed by the Council. Council agreed a special resolution to permit the Society to enter into formal agreement 2 with the Bank of Scotland to operate direct debiting mandates in time for subscription renewal on 1 January 1992; specifically the Honorary Treasurer is allowed to commit the Society to a direct debit indemnity. c)
    3. In the event of the subscription being one year or more in arrears, membership shall lapse but reinstatements may be made on full payment of subscription arrears.
  1. The Council may propose for approval at an Annual General Meeting the election of Honorary life members of the Society. Such Honorary life members shall have distinguished themselves in the field of science relating to animals and its application or have rendered signal service to the Society. Honorary life members shall have, without payment, all privileges of membership.
  2. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council , which shall be empowered to take, on behalf of members, all administrative and financial actions necessary to secure the objects of the Society. The Council shall have powers to foster and approve the formation of local branches of the Society which shall have the same objects as the Society and which are detailed in item 2 of this Constitution. The Council of the Society shall consist of:
    1.  the Office Bearers; 
    2. not more than six additional Trustees elected at a general meeting;
    3. the Chairpersons of any Committees (if they are not Trustees);
    4. not more than six ordinary members elected at a general meeting.
    As a transitional arrangement the number of ordinary members of Council that may be elected for 2018 and 2019 are eight and seven, respectively. The Office Bearers of the Society (who are also Trustees) are:
    1. the President;
    2. the Senior Vice-President;
    3. the Vice-President;
    4. the immediate Past President;
    5. the Treasurer.
    A Trustee who is not an Office Bearer shall serve for a term of four years and shall be eligible for re-election for a further term of four years. The method of election of Trustees of the Society shall be the procedure set out in clauses (a) to (c) of item nine of the Constitution for the election of ordinary members of Council. Clause (d) of item nine shall not apply to the election of Trustees.
  3. The ordinary members of the Council shall hold office for three years, and three of them shall not be eligible for re-election until a year has elapsed. If an ordinary member is elected President, Senior Vice President or VicePresident, or otherwise ceases to be an ordinary member of the Council, the vacancy created shall be filled by a member nominated by the Council and approved at the next General Meeting. The member thus nominated shall serve for the unexpired portion of the term of office of the ordinary member they replace but after retiring shall remain eligible for election. The method of election of ordinary members of Council shall be as follows:
    1. Candidates must be nominated by at least two members of the Society. They must be members of the Society.
    2. All nominations must be in writing and delivered to the Chief Executive not later than seven days before the Annual General Meeting.
    3. If there are more nominations than vacancies, election shall be by ballot at the meeting.
    4. If there are too few nominations, the Council shall fill the vacancies by appointment.
  4. The method of election of President shall be that the Council shall propose a member of the Society and his/her name shall appear on the notice calling the Annual General Meeting.
    At this meeting the Chairpersons shall propose that this member be appointed and if this proposal is adopted the new President will take office at the conclusion of the meeting. The President shall not remain in office for more than one year unless the Annual General Meeting fails to approve the Council’s proposal.
    The duty of the President shall be to preside over meetings of the Society and of the Council. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees. If for any reason the President is unable to exercise this office, the Senior Vice-President shall act in his/her place.
    In the event of the Annual General Meeting failing to approve the Council’s proposal the Council shall conduct a postal vote of the members on its proposal.
  5. The Vice-President and Senior Vice President shall remain in office for one year. The method of election shall be that the Vice-President and Senior Vice President shall be nominated by the Council or by at least three members of the Society. Nominations must be received by the Chief Executive 28 days in advance of an Annual General Meeting and notice of nominations given 21 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting. It is normal practice for the retiring Senior Vice-President to be nominated President for the following year and the Vice President to be nominated Senior Vice President .
  6. The Chief Executive shall be appointed by the Council and the appointment confirmed by an Annual General Meeting. He/she shall continue to hold office at the discretion of the Council. His/her duty will be to be responsible for and act as Agent of the Council, keep a record of and attend the Society’s business meetings and such other activities as the Council may determine. The Chief Executive shall be a non-voting member of the President’s Committee and all Committees.
  7. The Honorary Treasurer shall also be a member of the Council. He/she shall be nominated by the Council and his/her appointment confirmed by an Annual General Meeting. He shall continue to hold office at the Council’s discretion. His/her duty shall be to receive, disburse and account for the Society’s monies as the Council requires.
  8. Assistant office bearers may be appointed and continue to hold such office at the discretion of the Council unless duly elected under paragraph 9.
  9. Accounts shall be kept of all monies received and expended by the Society. At the Annual General Meeting in each year a duly examined statement of the financial position of the Society, having been made available at least 21 days beforehand to each member, shall be laid before the Society. The Council shall recommend to the Annual General Meeting the appointment of an organization or person to examine and report on the Society’s accounts.
  10. The Council shall have power to appoint Committees (or other working groups herafter referred to as Committees) and shall determine their terms of reference. These Committees shall be responsible to the Council. A Committee’s membership and lifespan will be subject to Council ratification. The duration of consecutive membership of a Committee should not normally be longer than five years. Members of committees shall be elected members of the Council and co-opted society members. Council shall approve the Chairman of each Committee. A President’s Committee will advise the Council on the policies and arrangements for the conduct of the Society’s affairs and shall oversee the effective implementation of the Council’s operational delivery plans. The President’s Committee shall consist of the Office Bearers and the other Trustees of the Society. 5 With the approval of Council, the Committee may co-opt to membership or invite the attendance of others:
    1. from within the Council;
    2. from within the wider membership of the Society;
    3. who are not members of the Society in so far as they demonstrate particular skills or perspectives that would add a significant benefit in supporting the discharge of the Committee’s functions.
  11. The Quorum of Council meetings shall be four and at least 21 days written notice shall be given of such meetings.
  12. At least twenty-one days notice shall be given of General Meetings of the Society. The quorum of General Meetings of the Society shall be twenty-five.
  13. At meetings of the Society and of Council, the Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote.
  14. This Constitution may be amended only at a General Meeting of members. A proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Chief Executive and subscribed by at least three members and it shall be circulated to all members at least 21 days before the meeting.

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