BSAS Charitable Objectives

  • To be a diverse, inclusive and relevant society that focusses on its charitable purpose and operates to best practise in the governance and financial management of the society’s activities
  • To actively encourage the investigation of problems and matters in the improvement of animal welfare and sustainability sharing developments and knowledge
  • To stimulate the incorporation into practice of advances resulting from research, experimental work and practical experience
  • To collect and publish information about animal science and its application
  • To work with animal scientists in the early stages of their careers providing high quality academic and industry support together with an active networking and mentoring platform
  • To advance responsible, safe, high-welfare, environmentally sustainable animal production globally
  • To provide opportunities and channels for those interested in and concerned with the science relating to animals and its application to meet and exchange information
  • To support and communicate animal science that realises benefits, in animal welfare, economics, and sustainability