Webinar: What do Future Beef Farms need to look like?

14 Apr 2021   ,

Join this interactive session that will bring together a range of experts from across the beef industry to share their thoughts on what future beef farms need to look like. The panelists are Sarah Haire (Head of Agriculture for Dunbia and leads on the UK Sustainable Beef Platform), Seth Wareing (Business Manager for Stabiliser Cattle Company), Dr Jude Capper (livestock sustainability consultant) and Bryn Hughes (National Sheep & Beef Specialist,  Wynnstay). There will be discussions on the role of genetics, the need for farmers to engage with key performance indicators, how to deal with the range of systems, and how to improve the public perception of the beef sector.

A voluntary £10 donation for attendance will help BSAS to fund on-going webinars and knowledge transfer, helping science shape future farming systems.

Chair: Dr Liz Genever

Speakers: Dr Jude Capper, Mr Bryn Hughes, Ms Sarah Haire, Mr Seth Wareing