Webinar: The potential contribution of livestock to addressing the twin emergencies of Climate Change and Biodiversity loss

13 Apr 2021   ,

Human activity has prompted two major crises for the future of life as we know it on planet earth: Climate change and Biodiversity loss. Livestock are frequently blamed for the size of their contribution to both, yet research, policy and innovation have all led to significant progress in decreasing those negative impacts. The challenge, however, is far from over and the livestock sector has a long way to go in achieving its potential contribution to helping governments meet their net-zero targets.

In this session we will hear how technology has already contributed to decreasing the negative environmental impacts of livestock systems.

A voluntary £10 donation for attendance will help BSAS to fund on-going webinars and knowledge transfer, helping science shape future farming systems.

Chair: Prof Maggie Gill

Speakers: Dr Mariecia Fraser, Prof Imke de Boer, Prof Mads Fischer-Moller