We are your voice within BSAS

By representing academic institutions and industry across the UK and Ireland, the Early Career Council ensures that our early career members have a voice within the Society.

Made up of a group of early career scientists from academia, industry and policy, the Council provides an invaluable resource to members. It offers them advice, tailored support, and training including regular workshops/webinars where students can hone their skills on topics such as academic writing best practice, how to get published and obtaining funding.


Free to join, the Early Career Council provides an unrivalled platform for early career animal scientists to engage fellow animal scientists within BSAS, and to get involved in the Society’s diverse programme of events, such as the BSAS Annual Conferences.

The ECC is open to undergraduate/masters/PhD students and postgraduates/post-docs/industry employees who are no more than 3 years post-degree/PhD.

‘The early career council connects BSAS with the early career animal science community’ Zoë Willis of the Early Career Council, Completed PhD at the University of Warwick and is BSAS Accredited Animal Scientist If you are interested in joining the ECC, click here.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Are you a young farmer or involved in a farming organisation? Do you need a speaker for a discussion group or would just like to know the latest research updates in livestock production? Then why don't you get in touch with the early career council at the BSAS who can offer a number of young specialists in a wide range of animal science topics and can help you engage with research with their new knowledge transfer partnership!



Throughout the year, the Early Career Council hosts an array of thought-provoking events and engaging workshops, to help members improve their skills and learn more about the different areas of animal science in academia, industry, and policy.


At a cost of just £15/year for undergraduates and £45/year for postgraduates, BSAS Membership can play a vital role in helping those in the early stages of their career and build a solid foundation from which their careers can flourish. benefits range from access to leading academia and industry contacts across the globe, to exclusive awards and grants, free registration to becoming an Accredited Animal Scientist or Technologist, and discounts on our wide variety of conferences and industry workshops.



We have a dedicated range of awards, grants and scholarships specifically targeted at supporting students and those in their early careers, which enables you to gain access to funding for training opportunities, and a number of career defining experiences that can help enhance your skills and professional development.



By requesting a BSAS Mentor, you will gain invaluable access to the knowledge, feedback, and advice of a more experienced academic or industry member in animal science.

“Seeing our undergraduates students identifying gaps and planning professional development, increasing their confidence and achieving personal and career goals through the mentoring scheme, is among its most rewarding aspects and creates an excellent breeding ground for innovation” Click here to read more about being Mentored.


The BSAS Buddy Up Scheme allows those at a similar stage in their career to meet on a more informal basis to share experiences, act as a sounding board and offer each other more general support. Click here to find out more about Buddying Up.


Are you an undergraduate student undertaking animal science studies who is keen to actively promote BSAS membership, news, conferences, workshops, awards, and publications?


All about BSAS and Becoming A Member

Watch Sophie Hazelden, BSAS Early Career Council Member, talk about BSAS and the benefits of joining the Society in your early career. 

Click here to watch