WPSA 2020 Conference

The Challenge of Change

Early-bird booking for the WPSA Spring Conference ends on 14th February 2020, don't miss out.

We are pleased to launch the WPSA Spring Conference - The Challenge of Change in collaboration with BSAS Animal Science 2020. 

Change has always been a strength of the poultry sector, and never has our flexibility been more important as we look towards a future serving a rapidly changing consumer.

By drawing together experts from a range of fields, the BSAS-WPSA session aims to inspire our delegates to synthesise new approaches to their own work. 

Invited speakers will explore avenues for meeting the changing needs of our consumers while maintaining social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Based at the central location of the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, the venue is easily reached by road, rail and air. The conference centre  provides a compact venue allowing easy flow between the onsite hotel and meeting rooms, with wi-fi throughout.

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