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Tuesday 12 Apr

10:15 - 10:40 The Role of Animals in Human and Planetary Health

President’s Session 

Join us at the conference opening session where we will discuss the true ‘Role
of Animals in Human and Planetary Health’. Debating the role that animals
play on the wider stage of dietary, environmental and mental health.

We will discuss and address:

Dietary Health
• What role do animal products have within a healthy balanced diet?
• How much meat is good for us?
• Biological value of animal-based protein

Environmental Health
• Are Livestock bad for the planet?
• Can C-neutral livestock systems be possible?
• The role of grazing in delivering biodiversity and soil carbon

Mental Health
• The social implications of eating and dining
• Companion animals help us live longer and happier lives
• Supporting our rural communities

Speakers: Professor Jennie Macdiarmid