Jamie McFadzean

02 Jul 2021

Dr Jamie McFadzean, is the Research & Development Manger within the Zoonotic Disease Programme at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), and has been an accredited Animal Scientist (Associate) for over five years. At DEFRA, Jamie leads in the commissioning and critical evidence review of all R&D, involving senior government, policymakers, specialists from all GB administrations and external experts, while also inputting scientific advice to PQs, government briefings and correspondence.  Jamie previously worked across government as a senior policy advisor on EU-Exit disease control impacts and the Avian influenza outbreak and UK zoonosis control strategy. Prior to his government role, Jamie completed Undergraduate and Masters studies at the University of Glasgow, specialising in veterinary public health, followed by a PhD at Rothamsted Research & University of Exeter, in zoonotic disease transfer in global agriculture.

Jamie applied to become an accredited animal scientist, primarily to obtain formal recognition of his previous qualifications, but also so that he could experience the assessments required to register and complete the CPD requirements.

‘Undergoing the process of accreditation, updating CPD and now assessing prospective applicants, has provided valuable experience in the necessary rigors of these processes, which has benefited skills I use in the course of my work. Improving my ability to complete auditing, cross reference and summarise information, and assess job candidate applications. My ongoing registration provides an assurance to stakeholders that I am both qualified and experienced in my field, and that I continue to maintain my knowledge through audited CPD.’

For Jamie there are a host of invaluable benefits that are gained from joining the accreditation register, for early careers it provides an opportunity to enhance their key professional skills and exposes them to processes which they may not otherwise have been introduced. There is also a particular relevance of the accreditation process on skills used in recruitment, which Jamie feels has provided him with additional knowledge beyond his workplace experience.

The audited maintenance of CPD benefits individuals as an important and transferrable recording aid for professional activities, which has become an increasingly common requirement for many careers.  Jamie has found the CPD format flexible and agile and well suited to a variety of different mediums, for example the increased number of virtual workshops and seminars which have formed an important component of his training, as a result of fewer in-person activities.