Dr Helen Warren

29 Jul 2021

Animal Scientist (Certified)


Livestock Feeding & Nutrition Equine


What is your background?

European Technical Manager - Ruminants, Alltech

I graduated with BSc (Hons) Animal Science from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth followed by a PhD in fatty acids in beef from the University of Bristol. I spent five years lecturing animal and equine science degree students before moving into the feed industry where I have spent the last 12 years. My principle role includes initiating, co-ordinating and managing external research trials, as well as technical support and training for the sales force and customers. I am a ruminant nutritionist by training but I am required to deliver support in many aspects of ruminant health and production. I am a qualified lecturer, a certified Cow Signals trainer and a Senior Visiting Fellow at Nottingham Trent University.

What impact has being an accredited Animal Scientist or Technologist had on your career progression?

It’s mainly given me credibility in the workplace and with more technical customers. It encouraged me to give thought to self-directed learning/progression and other CPD.

What led you to join the BSAS Accreditation Register?

I am a supporter of the concept. I think that industries, such as ours, should be able to demonstrate that we are current, credible and sufficiently skilled to carry out the work we do.

Can you provide examples of the CPD and learning that you have carried out over the past year to maintain your place on the BSAS Accreditation Register?

Educational webinars, a lot of self-directed learning in the form of reading journal papers, meetings with colleagues and customers that led to brainstorming and development of new ideas and concepts, virtual conferences, even informal discussions with experts in areas in which I need more understanding.

As well as benefiting you as an individual, how do you think it benefits employers having staff members on the BSAS Accreditation Register?

Certification of employees infers credibility in the industry and gives a competitive advantage. This accreditation scheme is seen as one of those advantages.