BSAS Membership & Accreditation Committee Vice Chair


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Help make a difference by joining the BSAS Membership & Accreditation Committee

The Society is seeking members and a brand-new Vice Chair to join our Membership & Accreditation Committee, to help define BSAS Membership and meet the evolving needs of members across industry and academia.  You will be involved in developing quantifiable and valued member benefits, that sustains the existing membership, while also engaging and attaining new members.

Growing our highly-regarded Accreditation Register, and communicating its benefits to the wider animal science community will also be an important part of your role, as will the generation of income through added value membership and accreditation activities, including: workshops, training courses and webinars.

To find out more about the BSAS Membership & Accreditation Committee and to apply for the role of committee member or Vice Chair please email Maggie Mitchell