Bioinformatics Scientist (MRes) Degree Apprenticeship


University of Nottingham, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science
Closes in one day (30 May)

Suitable for life sciences graduates working in scientific or academic research roles, our masters level Bioinformatics Scientist Degree Apprenticeship equips employees with the applied computational skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to process, analyse and interpret complex biological data.

Developed in consultation with industry partners, this programme demonstrates state-of-the-art best practices, enabling apprentices to determine the most applicable methods and develop reproducible pipelines that will maintain the integrity of their analysis when working with big data.

Apprentices will develop the fundamental knowledge of statistics and bioinformatics methods to confidently evaluate biological datasets from a range of life science activities and determine the most suitable method for analysis.

They will also gain the skills and knowledge to test the validity of their results, ensuring that analysis is robust and reproducible, and interpret the results in the context of their research.

The programme is predominantly delivered via distance learning, with a masterclass week at the beginning of years one and two. With an emphasis on practice, apprentices will be encouraged to apply taught knowledge on given data sets and real data from their workplace.