The Future of Farming and Agriculture Post-Brexit: A National Conference

Central London

22 January 2019


Westminster Insight's conference on the Future of Farming and Agriculture post-Brexit will unpack the UK Government's ground-breaking new Agriculture Bill. The legislation aims to be the basis for a more progressive, profitable and sustainable environment for British farmers, as we move on from the EU Common Agriculture Policy (CAP)

The new bill sets out a framework for farmers and land managers , such as how farmers will be paid for providing "public goods", such as better air quality, higher animal standards and measures to reduce flooding. This will be a fantastic opportunity for delegates to hear from senior officials from organisations such as the NFU, WWF and the CLA, hold the government to account, as well as the opportunity to network with others. 

The conference will focus on these 3 areas:

Progressive Farming and Maintaining High Quality Standards: Ensuring high quality animal welfare standards, high quality values in food safety and exploring new global markets & the risk of competitive disadvantages.

Sustainable Farming: Ensuring that the UK’s natural wildlife are protected, exploring the Government's policies to improve soil health, reduce the risk of flooding and diffuse pollution, and assessing the value of Natural Capital.

Assessing the profitability and competitiveness of UK Agricultural Products: Identifying new funding models, preparing for potential new tariff and non-tariff barriers that might reduce competitiveness and how to ensure that agricultural practices are responding to consumer needs


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