Warmly welcoming CAFRE to the BSAS Stakeholders Group

06 Oct 2020

BSAS are delighted to welcome The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) to the BSAS Stakeholder Group. Based in Northern Ireland, CAFRE provides a range of education, knowledge, and technology transfer programmes to develop the competencies and values of those entering and working in the Northern Ireland agri-food industry, to support its sustainable growth. Each campus has a specific discipline focus, with associated specialist facilities providing a practical learning environment. Knowledge and technology transfer support is provided to Northern Ireland’s main farming sectors and the food manufacturing and horticulture industries.

CAFRE provides Technologists access to the latest findings from beneficial research with practical application within a Northern Ireland setting. BSAS Corporate Membership has enabled CAFRE to better keep their technologists abreast of sector and species-specific research updates, and inform the progression of applied technology projects by CAFRE Technologists.

“When undertaking a recent project on optimising the management of young dairy calves, the BSAS online forum provided access to current research in calf rearing. I can thoroughly recommend BSAS as a forum to refresh skills in an industry which is continually evolving to implement advances in innovation” Dr Alastair Boyle, Dairy Technologist, CAFRE, Greenmount Campus.

CAFRE are strong advocates of networking and conferences, firmly believing that connections and updates on both fundamental and applied research is essential to provide a horizon scan of future farming practice. Despite the restrictions and challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, BSAS has continued to deliver training and CPD electronically, with collaboration and networking a huge and important element and benefit to members throughout their career.

Following the advice in March 2020 from the Public Health Agency (PHA) and central Government regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, CAFRE was forced to adapt and evolve their practices. All face-to-face delivery of all CAFRE education, knowledge and technology transfer programmes ceased and were replaced with remote delivery systems and online virtual learning platforms. As restrictions ease, CAFRE programmes are evolving to blend best practice in on and offline learning environments. CAFRE recognises that its team are its most valuable asset and that their skills and motivation are crucial to its success. As part of their initiative to provide further training an opportunity for their team, they are pleased to be able to say that 12 Technologists are now BSAS Members.