The Dairy Health and Welfare Session

26 Apr 2021

This year’s virtual BSAS conference was a huge success, and one of the key benefits of a virtual conference is that it opens access to more international attendees compared to the usual event held at a specific location. This year’s Dairy Health and Welfare session covered a range of topics including some novel research presenting the preliminary results of trials. The session itself was well attended and there was a lot of discussion in the Q&A with great speaker interaction. The presentations highlighted the importance of healthy livestock in order to have a sustainable and resilient farm of the future. The research presented and the potential application of some of these novel tests such as behavioural analysis to predict future health and fertility and the ability to predict metabolic disease in robotic milking herds just shows the great future this sector has.

If you weren’t able to attend this session or would like to watch it again, then it can be streamed on the Whova conference platform.