Stakeholder Awards

16 Nov 2020

An important aspect of the Stakeholder Group’s role in the Society, is the work they do with regards to the BSAS Annual Conference, which includes the promotion and development of the annual Industry award.  The Industry prize acts as a vehicle to encourage students (and supervisors) to consider, explore and elaborate on the scientific and commercial applications of their work for industry.

Industry Prize With a prize of £200, the BSAS Industry Prize is only open to Early Career BSAS Members.  When drafting their submission, applicants are asked to consider the importance of the impact of their research to industry, appreciating that what they as a researcher think is relevant, may not be to the end-user, i.e, the producer.  This includes thinking about aspects, such as return on investment or feasibility of introducing new concepts that have been derived from the research. The candidates will then be judged by their summary and presentation at the Society’s first ever virtual annual conference on the 12th – 15th April 2021, by representatives of the BSAS Stakeholder Association, with the main criteria for winning - ‘impact to industry’.  The judging panel will then choose five finalists to go through to the second stage, which involves an additional presentation of their work during the conference’s Industry Prize session.

In its virtual debut, the BSAS 2021 Conference ‘The Challenge of Change: A New Normal?’ will offer a feature-packed programme of unmissable debate, presentations, and learning. 

For further details on either of these awards, please click here and for more information on the Stakeholder Association, click here