BSAS Net Zero Carbon UK Livestock: Meeting the Targets - Andrew Dowsey

29 Nov 2021

Andrew Dowsey, will be enthralling attendees at the ‘Net Zero Carbon: Meeting UK Livestock Targets’ event on the 3rd of December with his presentation titled – ‘Smart Livestock.’

Achieving livestock targets for net-zero carbon will require holistic understanding of sustainable practice and its interplay with animal welfare, human health, and antimicrobial resistance. A data-driven and evidence-based approach for determining optimal adaptations and interventions is therefore critical. However, many rich sources of key information are either fragmented across the livestock industry or, at an individual farm or even animal level, simply not captured. In this talk Andrew will describe the challenges and some solutions towards ‘smart livestock’, from individual animal monitoring for the early diagnosis of disease and welfare issues, to platforms for the detailed monitoring of environmental impact and sustainability on a farm level, to what needs to happen to build integrated population health systems for the UK livestock landscape as a whole to inform systems-level planning.  Andrew’s presentation is perfectly placed for Stakeholders in the livestock field who are keen to develop better business intelligence and analytics for achieving net-zero sustainability.

‘A team science approach underpinned by data science, artificial intelligence and statistical modelling will be key to the complexities of livestock sustainability and developing a roadmap to its solution and I look forward to meeting a diverse range of stakeholders who could come together to start tackling these challenges. Those attending my presentation will become better informed on current challenges and progress in building datasets and applying data science and artificial intelligence livestock health, welfare and sustainability.’

Andrew holds a joint position in Bristol Veterinary School and the Department of Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School, where he leads a research group focussing on the facilitation and acceleration of health sciences research through novel artificial intelligence and statistical data science methodology, as well as data collection and management platforms. His team works in highly multidisciplinary environments to both support and lead investigations across three strands of research: Intensive longitudinal health, activity and behavioural monitoring at the level of individual animals and groups of animals; Constructing secure research platforms from population-level agricultural, environmental and health data to inform policy on One Health challenges such as global food security and the transmission of anti-microbial resistance; Profiling the protein and metabolite content of biological fluids and tissues using mass spectrometry proteomics and metabolomics for understanding disease mechanism, and to discover biomarkers for clinical diagnostics. Andrew also coordinates the John Oldacre Centre at Bristol Veterinary School, where he is Population Health Theme Lead (and formerly Research Director), Co-Director for Enterprise & Innovation in the Faculty of Health Sciences, an Associate Director of the HDR-UK South-West Better Care Partnership, and a Turing Fellow.