BSAS Net Zero Carbon UK Livestock: Meeting the Targets – Alison Van Eenennaam

11 Nov 2021

At the ‘BSAS Net Zero Carbon UK Livestock: Meeting the Targets’ event on the 3rd of December, Dr Alison Van Eenennaam will be sharing her presentation titled: Producing more from less: the role of the efficient animal.

‘My presentation is aimed at those with an interest in using innovations to reduce the environmental footprint and improve the efficiency of animal agriculture. It will be at high level and really emphasize the hidden but important role that genetics plays in sustainability. If someone has an interest in sustainability, geneticists are one of their most important allies.’

The core focus of Dr Van Eenennaam’s presentation is that improving the efficiency of animal production is a major factor in decreasing the environmental footprint per unit of production. For example, the carbon footprint per glass of milk in the US today is one third of what it was in the 1940s, since each cow is more than four-fold more productive than were the cows of the 1940s. There is considerable potential to reduce far-level emissions through improved genetic selection, focussing on faster growth rates, better fertility, and overall output against inputs. This is true for other industries too – especially poultry and pig production which are major sources of animal source foods globally.

Dr. Van Eenennaam is a Professor of Cooperative Extension in the field of Animal Genomics and Biotechnology in the Department of Animal Science at the prestigious University of California, Davis. Her publicly funded research and outreach program focuses on the use of animal genomics and biotechnology in livestock production systems, while her current research projects include the development of genome editing approaches for cattle. A passionate advocate of science, Dr. Van Eenennaam was the recipient of the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 2014 Borlaug Communication Award, and the American Society of Animal Science 2019 Rockefeller Prentice Award in Animal Breeding and Genetics.

Aimed at people of all career stages, ‘BSAS Net Zero Carbon UK Livestock: Meeting the Targets’, will offer attendees a unique opportunity to learn about, and discuss with experts in the field, meeting UK livestock net zero carbon targets, while expanding your relevant network and developing new partnerships. For further information and to book, click here.