BSAS 2022 Industry Prize Winner – Elisa Arnaud

05 May 2022

We’re pleased to be able to introduce the winner of this year’s Industry Prize – Elisa Arnaud a PhD student in Teagasc, Pig Development Department, Moorepark and Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), Ireland; supervised by Dr. Peadar Lawlor (Teagasc) and Prof. Gillian Gardiner (WIT).

‘The Industry Prize is designed to get researchers thinking about the commercial implications of their research, appreciating what they as a researcher think is relevant may not be to the end-user. This includes thinking about aspects, such as return on investment or feasibility of introducing new concepts that have been derived from the research. Elisa’s presentation was concise, simple, and well-delivered. She had thought about, and demonstrated, the economical, as well as the production, benefits that her research findings could deliver. Her work could be immediately applied to any pig production operation so has the potential to have a huge impact across the industry. The judges were very impressed, and the decision was unanimous. Congratulations Elisa!’ Helen Warren, Industry Prize Judge 

Elisa was the winner of this year’s award for her compelling research paper – ‘Post-partum analgesia administration to sows but not split-suckling increased growth and reduced medication usage in piglets.’ The paper was based on the results of an experiment to investigate the effects of split-suckling with or without post-partum administration of analgesia to sows on piglet growth as well as antibiotic and anti-inflammatory usage. Split suckling reduced weaning weight and had no effect on medication usage while piglets raised by sows which received analgesia within 2 hrs after delivery of the placenta were heavier at weaning than piglets raised by sows which did not receive analgesia. These piglets were monitored to slaughter where their carcass weight was significantly heavier. In addition, Elisa observed a reduction in medication usage in piglets raised by sows which had been administered with analgesia. In summary, analgesia administration to sows after farrowing is a simple, cost beneficial intervention which significantly reduces medication usage and improves lifetime growth in pigs.

‘I applied for the industry prize to challenge my work and demonstrate my ability to transfer academic research into practical advice which can positively impact commercial pig production and I am delighted and honoured to have won this award. On the completion of my PhD, I would like to work within the animal production industry. I hope that winning the Industry prize will give me visibility and provide new opportunities.’ Elisa Arnaud

Prior to starting her PhD, Elisa graduated as an Engineer in Animal Production from the French Higher Education Institute Agrocampus Ouest, working for two yeas as a Product Manager for a feed additive company. Her PhD will evaluate management and nutritional strategies to improve growth and limit antimicrobial usage in pigs, pre-and post-weaning.