BSAS 2021 Conference – Global Sessions - Elizabeth Magowan

07 Jan 2021

The global sessions at the BSAS 2021 conference will focus on the collaboration and dissemination of animal science research and practical application on an international platform, with the aim of enhancing and sharing knowledge and experience globally.  An aspect which is particularly acute in the current climate.

Monday 12th April – Achieving Net-Zero on a Global Platform

Elizabeth Magowan (AFBI NI)

During the session, Dr Elizabeth Magowan who leads programmes of research on Holistic sustainable livestock system at the Agri-Food Biosciences Institute (AFBI), will overview the key findings from the CIEL funded ‘Net Zero Carbon & Livestock’ report that she coordinated.  The report has set a baseline to drive change throughout the livestock supply chain and made recommendations on the key actions required to approach net zero.

Elizabeth will further emphasis the need for action urgently and will outline roles for all parties in the wider supply chain and policymakers to inform debate, and complement the good work already being carried out elsewhere in the sector. While the industry is making steps in the right direction, the ambition to achieve the UK’s target is huge, and known technologies and practices can only get us part of the way.  The report concludes that a combination of greater investment (resources, intellectual capital and financial), improved carbon accounting and education resulting in adoption, are required for the UK livestock industry to achieve its net zero carbon goal within the next 30 years.

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