Industry Association

The BSAS Industry Association helps BSAS in its drive to ensure animal science is relevant to the needs of industry.

If you are a member of the IA then please login to the members area (top right) to access the IA home page.

Made up of leading businesses in animal science and its related industries, the association has direct links to scientists and academic institutions around the world, enabling it to help shape and develop the careers of animal scientists.

Through twice-yearly meetings, members of the Industry Association also benefit from:

  • the opportunity to initiate and drive industry-led initiatives and sessions at the BSAS annual conference
  • direct access to members of the BSAS Academia Association to help develop research projects
  • access to world-class postgraduate and graduate students fresh from Academia Association institutes
  • the chance to develop the BSAS accreditation scheme to develop vital continued professional development
  • corporate membership and sponsorship opportunities

How to join…

For more information and to find out how your organisation can get involved, email the BSAS Industry Association team

Industry Association members…