BSAS Register of Animal Scientists & Animal Technologists

The British Society of Animal Science  is the professional accrediting body for the Register of Certified Animal Scientists and Technologists. 

The scheme is run with the Royal Society of Biology, who also provide oversight.  BSAS Accreditation is supported by a number of like-minded organisations.                                                        

The Register, which is open to public view, assures competency, knowledge and integrity through:                                                                                            

  • Entry-level experience and qualifications
  • An audited programme of Continuing Professional Development, appropriate to the individual’s own areas of expertise as stated on the Register

Applications may be made by those involved directly and indirectly in the many and various disciplines relating to the care, utility, sustainability and productivity of food-producing, zoo, equine and companion animals.

Applications for registration and re-registration are considered by an expert accreditation panel whose composition reflects the designated expertise of the individual concerned. Registration is free for members of BSAS.

A Registered Animal Scientist or Animal Technologist benefits (amongst other things) from :

  • Public recognition of competencies, knowledge and professional status at home and internationally, as is desired by government, society, research funders, clients, colleagues and collaborators and employers
  • Evidence to support career development opportunities and the fostering within employer organisations of a culture of staff training and skills development
  • Verification of responsible and reputable conduct and practice

Individuals remain upon the Register through demonstrating their Continuing Professional Development activities maintainins their skills and knowledge.

Member Benefits

Become a member of BSAS and benefit from

  • Free on-line access to BSAS Journal – animal
  • Accreditation and CPD
  • Regular newsletters and updates
  • Access to BSAS On-demand, our library of video content providing access to conference presentations
  • Access to member only awards, grants and scholarships
  • Access to vacancies on the BSAS website and social media platforms, or in the members only area
  • Access to broad advisory scientific expertise
  • Impartial and independent scientific assessment
  • UK industry expertise and academic links
  • Global Links – links to extensive international contacts
  • Discounts on conferences and workshops
  • Support from world-leading scientists and academics
  • Updates on the latest research opportunities


Corporate Membership

  • Corporations and groups can receive a discount of up to 15%, when registering 6 or more members
  • Corporate membership of BSAS assists organisations in recruiting, training and retaining the very best animal scientists
  • Through attendance at BSAS Conferences and Workshops, and networking with other BSAS Members, your staff will gain access to the latest research applications and developments in livestock science and practice from around the world
  • Membership enables corporate members to join the professional register to demonstrate and develop their level of professional competence and status to employer and customer
  • Additionally, you can join our Stakeholders Association to help shape the future of BSAS, and help BSAS to ensure animal science is relevant to the needs of your sector and drive future research in the livestock sector to ensure its industry relevance



BSAS is updating the accreditation application and registration process. For more information on how to apply please contact Tel: +44 (0)1787 221 029 or email