Frank Dunshea - Speaker at BSAS Conference 2021

18 Jan 2021

Prof Frank Dunshea (Chair of Agriculture at The University of Melbourne)

Session Title: How international collaborations have furthered the research into Heat Stress in Livestock’

Wednesday 14 April 

Frank is a Redmond Barry Professor and the Chair of Agriculture in the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science at the University of Melbourne.  His research has had a high scientific impact, with many of the results being rapidly adopted by industry.  Professor Dunshea is a respected research leader in the global livestock industries and is committed to ensuring that livestock industries operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.  Much of his work has focused on improving efficiency through reducing inputs and outputs while maintaining product quality and consumer health, including an emphasis on mitigation against heat stress. 

In addition to his many awards, he is a Fellow of the Australian Nutrition Society, the Australasian Pig Science Association, and the Australian Society of Animal Production, as well as a former Chair of the Australian Academy of Science Committee for Nutrition. In 2018, he co-chaired 2 international conferences in Australia, including the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology in Melbourne.

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