Biodiversity in Grasslands FREE Webinars

20 Jan 2021

What are your thoughts on the new UK Agriculture Act, and do you think we have the science base to underpin such a policy? Join in the debate and get your voice heard, at our brand new two-part ‘Biodiversity of Grasslands’ Webinar series, although with only a week to go till the first session on the 26th January, you’ll need to be quick to secure your place.

Webinar 1: ‘The science: what is the state of grassland biodiversity and how might it be increased?’

Chaired by Steve Peel, who will be joined by an expert panel including:

Lisa Norton (Land Use Group) – Lisa’s presentation will examine the results from the UK Countryside Survey. The results will provide a picture of the grassland status and plant biodiversity over recent decades.

Robin Pakeman (James Hutton Institute) – Robin will focus on results from a long-term and large-scale experiment, looking at how changing grazing management cascades through a mosaic of upload vegetation types.  It will address those groups that change slowly and those that change quickly and will touch upon the potential impact of trees on biodiversity and carbon.

Will Peach (Head of Conservation Science for England & Wales) – Will’s presentation will address the measures, including land management options, that can be taken on livestock farms to boost wildlife.

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Webinar 2: Tuesday 2nd February

‘Implementation: how policy and practice could reverse biodiversity decline.’ Chaired by Kairsty Topp

Expert panel includes:

Clare Pinches (Principal Science Analyst) – Clare will discuss the success of past and current schemes and policies relevant to grassland and suggest how these could be improved in the future.

Ian Boyd (Cotswold Beef & – Ian’s presentation will talk about the journey his farm has been on from monoculture arable to wildflower and diverse grasslands, over 15 years, while developing a viable farm business.

Chris Clark (Nethergill Associates: Nature Means Business) – Ian will discuss how a farm business is most profitable where farm management and nature are in equilibrium, and how the Standard Economic Theory of the Firm doesn’t work in agriculture.

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