BSAS Announce the launch of BSAS Undergraduate Accreditation

05 Jul 2022

Get a head start with BSAS Undergraduate Accreditation!

As passionate supporters of the future generation of animal scientists and technologists, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new Undergraduate Accreditation Register. In the competitive world of animal science and technology, Undergraduate Accreditation can help you stand out from your peers and secure the fledgling career you want. BSAS Undergraduate Accreditation is open to those whose studies are in the area of animal science, animal technology or animal care - whether you’re looking forward to a career in academia or industry.

Benefits of becoming accredited

  • Generate public recognition of your competencies and knowledge.
  • Help you to stand out in a busy and competitive space to potential employers and partners.
  • Grow knowledge through sharing of information and research.
  • Flexibility to demonstrate your professional journey whichever direction you decide to take your career.
  • Provides evidence of a proactive approach to undertaking CPD in your own area of expertise.
  • CPD credits via demonstration of activities in different areas of learning and training.
  • Independent verification of your reputation and conduct.

The BSAS Accredited Undergraduate CPD format is flexible and uses a variety of different relevant mediums. You will need a minimum of 25 points to maintain your place on the register. You can gain CPD points by attending or participating in additional learning activities, which includes workshops and seminars, work experience placements and additional curriculum activities such as the BSAS mentor scheme.

BSAS Accreditation is also free for all members, saving you £90!

To find out more about BSAS Undergraduate Accreditation click here.