Sustainable forages for net-zero in livestock production

06 Dec 2022   SCI, London, United Kingdom


With an increasing global population, the demand for food and animal products is growing rapidly. This leads to increasing interest in the use of sustainable forages (the main diet ingredient in ruminant diets) and agricultural practices to support the transition to the low-carbon economy in livestock production systems. The event will address issues around growing and using forage crops that can reduce livestock’s greenhouse gas emissions. The morning session of this meeting will introduce alternative forages and their potential to reduce livestock emissions. The afternoon session will focus on a systems-approach analysis about the overall impact of introducing alternative forages and agricultural practices  on livestock emissions; and provide practical examples and solutions on how to grow and feed them successfully.


The event is intended to broker links between science, agriculture and industry, with a target audience of academics, students and early-career researchers in the field; stakeholders across the food chain including farmers, agricultural consultants and managers, feed and food manufacturers, marketing and retailers; policy-makers; and consumers and public who are seeking evidence-based information around reducing livestock emissions.


Contributions are invited from early-stage researchers and PhD students working on the role of forages to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock and the transition towards net-zero in livestock production. that support the role of forages to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock and the transition towards the low-carbon economy in livestock production. The objective for the competition is to identify posters which best explain the outcomes of the research, and also in the context of the potential for commercialisation.

There will be voucher prizes of £100 for 1st place and £50 for 2nd place. The 1st place winner will be additionally awarded with the opportunity to publish their poster in the Wiley-SCI journal GHG (Greenhouse Gases Science and Technology)

An abstract of maximum 250 words (250 words does not include author names, affiliations, references or figure captions) indicating title, authors, institution included with the Poster, should be sent to by Monday 21 November 2022 with the subject line “Sustainable Forages event - poster entry”

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