MRes Animal Science

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University of Reading
Starts: September 2019

Flexible, distance learning: 18-63 months

Prepare yourself for a research career or postgraduate doctoral study in animal science.

You will enhance your understanding of safe and sustainable livestock production whilst developing as a confident and independent researcher.

This flexible programme, with all 'taught' elements delivered online, allows you to remain at your workplace during your course of study. You can choose to complete the course in just 18 months, or take up to 63 months if your work demands are high.

The programme is designed for people working in the livestock industry or related supply industries (feed and pharmaceutical companies, for example) or in livestock industry, advisory or an extension series and institutions.

You will gain:

  • Critical analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing livestock production
  • Rigorous training in research methods and statistical analyses commonly used in animal science
  • Critical appraisal skills to evaluate research at the interface between animal, microbial and food science
  • The ability to plan, manage and conduct an extended independent research project

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