Become a BSAS Buddy — An informal arrangement – allowing those in at a similar stage in their career to share experiences, be a sounding board and offer general support

A Buddy is

  • An informal point of contact
  • Someone to meet in an informal environment
  • Someone who will reflect, with you, on their experiences at university/early career work place and share informal hints and tips on a wide range of related elements
  • Help build confidence, encourage and give support on a flexible basis

A Buddy isn’t

  • A counsellor
  • A careers advisor
  • A replacement for services, such as advice on finance or welfare
  • A tutor or someone who will proof read assignments, documents and coursework

Benefits of having a Buddy

  • Share experiences, practical advice, encouragement and support in a range of areas
  • Learn from the experiences - students/those in early career
  • Be part of the wider Buddy Up Scheme / Early Careers Forum and network that allows you to share your experiences 

I want a Buddy!

Please note that the Buddy Up scheme is only available to BSAS early career members.

To request a Buddy is really simple, contact us in the first instance